Plates for Khan Steam ---Tourmaline Crystal particle plates

Plates for Khan Steam ---Tourmaline Crystal particle plates

This product was cooperatively manufactured by Guilin Xinzhu Natural Functional Material Co., Ltd through introducing technology of Japan Association of Ion Research and Application The above 90% natural tourmaline content, added with high-tech content minus ion stimulating “excitation agent”, realizes continually release of minus ion and far infrared in the natural way. Inspected by authorized organs of China Building Materials Academy, this product is in full compliance with the requirements of national standards. 

As a dedicative plate for Daizen Hot Stone Spas, this product is the natural crystal with the highest occurrence of minus ion and far infrared rays. Certified by the state authorities, it meets the standards of national Class A building materials, without containing any radiomaterial, and therefore it is beneficial, safe and harmless, and can be used in purification of the natural environment and health promotion. 
1. Renovation of facilities in Stone Spa, Khan Steam Room, Light Wave Room, Sauna Room;
2. Renovation of family bathroom;
3. Cabinet panel material.
?Use Method?
When it is used for interior decoration, tile it on the floor or wall surface by cement; for Stone Spa or Khan Steam Room, Light Wave Room and Sauna Room, pave it on the rigid plate with heater by slab glue.
?Technical Specifications?
1. Minus ion amount 500-1000ions/cm3
2. Oxidation index ≥35
1000 mm×600 mm×15mm

?Packing specifications? 2 pcs/bag

Product Origin: China
Model Number:  
Brand Name: Daizen

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