Tourmaline ceramic ball

Tourmaline ceramic ball

Minus ion generation: it contains natural tourmaline, and its naturally released minus ion has the function of adjusting ionic equilibrium of human body, it can help people achieve physical and mental relaxation, activate cells and improve the natural curability, and can also inhibit the oxidation and aging of the human body.
Electrolysis of water: the naturally existed electrodes of tourmaline can electrolyze water to obtain the reduction and activation effect of water.
Reduce of the water molecule group: water is actually a molecular group that is formed by combination of many water molecules (H2O). Tourmaline can reduce the size of water molecules, so as to facilitate the removal of impurities in water, make the water taste well, and increase the penetration.  
Radiation of far infrared ray: far-infrared radiance of tourmaline is above 95%. The far infrared ray with the wavelength of 4-14 micron is called “the light of life”, which can penetrate into deeper parts of the body, promote blood circulation, and make metabolism smooth. 
Dissolve out of the micromineral: tourmaline contains a variety of natural minerals, most of which are essential trace elements. Through the role of natural electrodes of the tourmaline, the minerals dissolved in water can easily be absorbed by the body, and therefore it is the ideal source of trace minerals. 

?Application?air and water purification
?Use Method?
1.Put ceramic ball directly into the water that needs processing for 30 minutes;  
2.Inlaid into wall body, under the floor, seats or bed when it is applied indoors.
?Technical Specifications?anion amount 1800-2200/cm3
?Dimensions?diameter 10mm
?Packing specifications?25kg/piece

Product Origin: China
Model Number:  
Brand Name: Daizen

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